Kainos® Becomes First Authorized Hiossen Scanning and Custom Abutment Design Center

November 1, 2013

Kainos® becomes first authorized Hiossen scanning and custom abutment design center in North & South America and receives exclusive Northern California Platinum status.

Attractive and affordable options are now available for Hiossen's comprehensive implant system, allowing USA-based digital scan, design and fabrication of Hiossen-Authorized custom titanium abutments.

Kainos® Dental Technologies, LLC. is continuously evaluating the market's digital products and manufacturing process to gauge their value, accuracy and, most importantly, quality. Kainos® has assessed Hiossen's custom abutment platform and concluded the process meets Kainos®' high standards.

Kainos® will provide a west coast platform to Hiossen's authorized custommilled titanium abutments. This platform will be built on Kainos®' extensive CAD/CAM experience, processing, and fabrication of single and multi-unit based prosthetics. The benefits of these custom-milled abutments fulfill a wide range of indications, while providing an excellent controlled-cost alternative to gold alloys, superior tissue emergence profile and tissue health. In the end, custom-milled abutments ultimately result in higher patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

The process will dramatically streamline Hiossen's current customabutment process. This will result in tremendous savings to the dentist and expedited turn-around times for the final prosthetics. Dentists and dental labs will be able to send analogue or digital impressions directly to Kainos® and gain access to a vast working knowledgebase in digital, implant and esthetic dentistry.

Dr. William Gianni, CEO of Kainos® Dental Technologies, LLC said: "This agreement marks a major milestone for Kainos®. Besides expanding our commitment to building a USA-based dental lab of the future, we are now associated with the highly trusted Hiossen brand which has demonstrated explosive global market penetration. I am confident that this agreement will provide a collaborative and innovative platform that will create many new market opportunities, while providing tremendous value to dentists and their patients. Our core values are a great fit for Hiossen’s commitment to personal customer service, education, and modern growth."

About Kainos Dental Technologies, LLC

Kainos® is a 100% USA-based company that is celebrating 20 years of being a leading dental lab providing a broad array of fixed, removable, and practice resource networking solutions. Kainos® believes that integrity, communication, efficiency and relationships play a very important role in how a customer decides on the loyalty of their lab partner. In order to achieve these goals, Kainos® controls all facets of the fabrication process in local regional facilities, and unlike most large laboratories, we don’t offer an item unless we have the ability to meet you in person and be 100% sure that we will meet or exceed your expectations. This process integrates modern solutions that complement traditional methods designed to reduce the dentist's chair-time time and overhead costs. More information on the company is available at www.kainosdental.com.

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