Kainos® Customer Testimonials

"Your whole team contributes to your success. I give credit to each and everyone on your team because we are very happy with your service to us and hope you feel the same way with our team here. I know all of us needs to continuosly strive for excellency and we could achieve our goals with open communication. More power to you all. D' Family Dentistry."

Dr. Del Rosario

D' Family Dentistry
Fairfield, CA

"I am most grateful for the high quality, punctual and courteous service over many years."

Robin F. Miller, DDS, MSW

Walnut Creek Cosmetic Dental Design
Walnut Creek, CA

"I appreciate your precision work and talented staff."

Scott H. Pope, DDS

Pope Dental
Walnut Creek, CA

"I am a big fan of the Gorilla® and Gorilla® HY crowns. Great esthetics combined with durability. Overall I am impressed with the quality of the lab."

Brian Assael, DDS

Berkeley, CA

"We have been very happy with the service we have received with Kainos®. Our office manager Marina had worked with Kainos® several years back when she worked at Dr Hale's in El Cerrito. Glad we are now using them here."

Peter M. Heckler, DDS

Orinda, CA

"The lab work has been excellent, with excellent fit and beautiful esthetics. I have received many comments from implant surgeons during follow-up as to how beautiful the restorations look."

Richard Janis, DDS

Concord, CA

"I however have had the pleasure of working with Kainos® as an associate in the past and so in seeing the final crowns I have been quite impressed with the quality of the crowns especially the margins adaptation. It is far above any other lab i have seen so far in my experience."

Jennifer Lee, DDS

San Mateo, CA