Products - Lab to Lab

Together we are better. We call it 'Collective Wisdom'.

We believe there are benefits of association and collaboration in the changing world.

Benefits of Collaborative Association

With Kainos®, you are never alone in business. In addition to the support you will receive, Kainos® provides you with up-to-date training and education on evolving and creating products, marketing, access to full service lab offerings and customer support. By becoming an exclusive independent lab owner, you will be connected to a growing network of ILOs.

Getting Started with Kainos®

First we want to work with people who believe in the "Kainos®" vision and culture. Then, let us help you! To get started, you need to provide your existing lab information and set up an in-person meeting with us.

Please call 800-331-4834 or 925-943-2332.