The Kainos® Promise

WE PROMISE to repair, adjust or replace free of charge any Kainos® product, or implant fixture that fractures or fails due to workmanship and materials, for up to 5 years from the time of delivery. Simply return the product, and fulfill the terms and conditions listed under the "Kainos® Limited Warranty Program."

For over 20 years, Kainos® has provided reliable quality, value and choice to help dentists get clinical cases right!

Kainos® Limited Warranty Program-
Terms and Warranty Information

When you, a licensed dentist (Clinician), send a case to Kainos® Dental Technologies, LLC (Kainos®), you are entering into a binding contract in, and in accordance with the laws of, California. Kainos® will provide services to fabricate all dental products (the "Product") to your specifications and approval. In return, you accept the terms, conditions and limitations of liability with any Kainos® Product. The terms and conditions of these warranties are set out in this Kainos® Limited Warranty Program (the "Warranty"):

What are your responsibilities?
All accounts will be invoiced upon case shipment, and statements will be provided the last working day of the month. All accounts are payable within 15 days of statement date. Any amounts not paid and current will incur a monthly service charge of 2% or the maximum permitted by law, and the account will be placed on C.O.D. terms. A $50.00 minimum fee will be charged on all returned checks. The Clinician shall pay any losses, fees & expenses associated with collections. Kainos® accepts payments made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and check.

What Kainos® Covers and Claim Procedures Under This Limited Warranty?
While we believe both the Clinician and the patient will be thrilled with all our Products, Kainos® understands that 100% satisfaction is not always possible. In such event, Kainos® will repair, adjust or replace, free of charge for a period of one full year, any non-temporary fixed restorative Products that fractures, or fails due to workmanship and materials, with the same or comparable restorative Product. Fixed restorations are comprised of, but not limited to: metal alloy, porcelain, titanium or zirconia. All other fixed or removable restorative Products fabricated with acrylic, composite resin, hybrid resin or Maryland bridges have a limited six-month warranty. Due to the custom nature of all Kainos® Products, any Warranty given is limited to the replacement or repair of the failed product, and will never exceed the cost of the original product. For accounts that are active on a monthly basis, this Warranty is extended to a period of five full years for non-temporary Kainos® fixed restorative Products, while all other fixed or removable restorative Products fabricated with acrylic, composite resin, hybrid resin or Maryland bridges, will maintain the standard 6-month warranty. This warranty sets forth the entire understanding and supersedes all prior agreements and discussions relating to the subject matter contained herein, and is contingent on the following conditions:

  • If requested by Kainos®, a signed, stamped and completed questionnaire accompanied by the sterilized failed Product and any other components shall be provided to Kainos®. In events of Product or implant fracture, pre- and post-op x-rays of the Product or implant is mandatory
  • Kainos® guarantees the original restoration will fit the original die. In pre-delivery Product remakes or adjustments, the old models and Product must be returned. Standard adjustments and remakes using original models will be done at no charge. If a new impression or scan is required, the Product will be charged 50% of original cost. A $50/unit charge will be applied to all shade adjustments which differ from the original shade and/or require porcelain to be completely redone
  • All accounts must be current and in good standing at the time a claim is submitted
  • The Warranty is in effect from the date the case is delivered to the Clinician

What Kainos® Not Cover Under This Limited Warranty?

  • Poor or faulty customer designs, according to the material manufacturer's recommendations
  • Cases/preparations that have been recognized by Kainos® as having contraindications
  • Design changes, shade changes, or product switches
  • Product failure resulting from inappropriate customer adjustments to physical materials or digital designs
  • Kainos® Products which are repaired, modified or altered by a third party
  • Cost of removal or reinsertion
  • Cost incurred by another laboratory; breakage or loss due to trauma, accident, neglect, abuse, improper oral hygiene, failure of supporting bone, tooth or tissues.
  • Cash refunds or account credits for Products completed.
  • Extension to any third parties, including without limitation, patients or other providers.
  • Cost for incidental, consequential, punitive or liquidated damages, including inconvenience, lost time, transportation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, or loss of profits.

What is the Optional-Enhanced ATLANTIS™ Warranty?
For eligible implant systems, a Clinician has the choice to select the "Optional Enhanced ATLANTIS™ Warranty" for an additional per abutment unit fee. Under this option, the ATLANTIS™ abutments or ISUS superstructures are covered under the separate and independent warranties offered directly through Dentsply Implants. All other Kainos® restorative Products will be covered under this Warranty. Visit for full terms and conditions of all ATLANTIS™ products.

What is the Effective Date of the Warranty?
This Warranty applies to Kainos® Products invoiced after June 1, 2015. Kainos® may modify or terminate this Warranty at anytime in whole or in part without notice. Changes to or the termination of the Warranty will not affect Products installed prior to the date of the change or termination.