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Technology and Materials Speaker Series

Digital Impressions, Photography, Lasers, Latest Materials & More!

The Facts and Future of CAD/CAM Restorations & Digital Impressions

The future is here! Patients hate the gooey mess and yet demand speed and quality. Not a passing fad, the technology has been available for over 20 years and has improved. Major dental manufacturers have invested in this technology - for good reason. This course is dsigned to allow you to cut through the hype and understand the risks, benefits and alternatives of numerous material and fabrication techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • History of CAD/CAM
  • In-office vs. lab assisted CAD/CAM - what can and can not be done
  • Material selection - including e.MAX press and layered Zirconia vs. CAD/CAM created e.MAX and Full Contour Zirconia
  • Design and margin approval abilities
  • Lab communication and lab work flow - including model creation and customization
  • Who go digital? Digital cost vs. PVS, Accuracy and Efficiency (chair time, shipping and lab time), Less cleanup time and improved patient experience
  • High tech marketing and word of mouth

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Connecting the "Dots" of Chairside Optical Scanning (Digital Impressions) with Restorative and Aesthetic Success

This is a comprehensive hands-on course which will present tips and useful techniques to enable a practitioner to go into their office Monday morning and take good Optical Scans using a chairside digital impression system. Upon completion of this course the attendee will have the ability to be eligible for a 30-days risk free trial* of a chairside scanner and Cerect connect.

*Certain restrictions apply, full customer agreement terms will be offered following course completion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Who go digital?
  • Initial set up cost vs. Kainos Incentive Program
  • Learning Curve
  • Prep Designs
  • Tips to ensure all ceramic restoration success
  • "Benefits of Laser vs. Restraction Cord Laser increases accuracy"
  • Powdering technique
  • "Tips for Better Optical Scans Optical scanning technique"
  • And Many More!

Date:  This event has passed
Time:  Stay tuned for new date and time to be announced soon