Kainos® Dental Technologies, LLC.

Our Vision

  • One day, 100% of all restorations in the US will be sent to the lab digitally.
  • Dentists will buy from the company with integrity, the best service, comprehensive material selection, and the best quality.
  • Kainos Dental Technologies will be that lab.
  • Build trusting relationships/family while embracing new things to come.
  • We will build this company in America and provide opportunities to our wonderful family of employees.

We believe that integrity, communication, efficiency, and relationships play a very important role in how a customer decides on the loyalty of their lab partner. By focusing on the true essence of “Kainos”, we put a lot of focus on making sure the restoration and services are delivered accurately to our customers as quickly as possible. In order to do that, we control all facets of the fabrication process in a local region, and unlike most large laboratories, we don’t offer an item unless we have the ability to meet you in person. We are very excited to begin growing and changing together.

Our goal is to position Kainos® Dental Technologies, LLC as the dental laboratory of the future. Collaborating with quality dental practices, the “Kainos®” brand is committed to providing the absolute best service, quality and trusted relationships. With this, we will have expanded into other areas beyond a crown.